Constituent Success Stories


“The truth is that Rep. Joe Morelle and his staff literally saved my life!  I have a very rare genetic condition. It requires IV infusions of antibodies and other medications every three weeks over a period of two consecutive days. In January, my health insurance claim was denied for my very expensive IV treatments. I was mortified.  I called my insurance provider, who said they had to follow Medicare guidelines.  It turned out that Medicare, without informing patients, changed the coverage guidelines as of (01/01/20) for my primary medication from part B (covered) to part D (self-pay.)  I knew that Joe was holding a town hall for issues specific to seniors in the beginning of February. I signed up to speak. I was very scared, but I did it. After I spoke, Joe not only told me that he was aware that this was happening, but he told me to see his Chief of Constituent Services before I left that day.  He had John hold up his hand.  I did meet with him, on a Friday, and was invited into the office on the next Wednesday.  Not only did they take me in so quickly, they genuinely cared about what was happening.  I told them, truthfully, that this was horrible, and that it left me two choices: declare bankruptcy, or die within a few months. I knew that with my diagnosis, my medication could not be denied in a hospital setting, nor could the hospital deny treating me because of my actual diagnosis. John and Joe both made several calls and other communications to my health insurance and Medicare. They let me help, too, making me feel like a true partner in this battle.  It took a couple of months, but my medication was finally reclassified BACK to part B as it should have been all along. I'm so glad that Joe and his staff are willing to help real people with real problems,  I am forever in their debt.”

Sue, Dave, and Scotty

In August we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We planned a trip to Antigua for a vow renewal ceremony on the beach and a week of relaxation with family. We overcame many challenges with our travel plans but it was one month before the trip and my husband had not received his passport renewal. Without it, the trip would need to be cancelled! Passport offices were not fully reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown and it was difficult to obtain the status. Someone had suggested reaching out to our local congressman’s office. I did so reluctantly, thinking I wouldn’t even receive a response. Within a few days I heard back from Mr. Pellito with U.S. Congressman Joseph Morelle’s office. He asked me to have my husband sign a release form and promised to follow up with the passport office. Mr. Pellito kept in touch with us as he researched the passport renewal. Within ten days the passport arrived at our house! We were so happy and thankful that we could take our special vacation as planned. We are forever grateful for their assistance with this issue and highly recommend other citizens to use their services as well.

S. Henderson

After my numerous & constant attempts, to no avail to the Department of Labor, I phoned Joe Morelle's office and they stepped in and helped me tremendously back in March, 2020 to achieve my unemployment benefits. Him & his affiliates made me feel as if they really cared what myself & family we're going through in these very difficult times! After his office contacted the DOL, I received a call from the DOL soon after! My family & I are grateful for Joe Morelle's office and  I'm sure he's done the same for countless others. Joe Morelle's office really gets the job done!

I'm for team Morelle!!

Willie S.

I would like to start off by giving Joseph Morelle and his representatives a sincere “Thank You.” You guys are Life Changing. As a veteran of the USMC, one thing I believe in is loyalty, and this organization stands on it. Being a graduate of high honors at the REOC at SUNY Brockport, I became an Assistant Culinary Instructor as well. Venturing on after some time there to start my own restaurant which was hard with no funds. Worked in various kitchens, until the pandemic hit and things turned drastically in my life. Things changed in my life, attempting to try social service and unemployment only to encounter hardship, I had given up. Homeless with no means and sleeping in a friend’s car with no food, until someone told me about Joseph Morelle and his team. I was given the number and was treated like family, which I didn't think existed in the political world. I’m not outside or hungry from that call. Toi Smith changed my Life.

Lauren P.

Amazing! They were able to assist with a disability benefit nightmare. I was encouraged to learn that politicians do in fact care and act on behalf of the community.

Wendy P.

The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful.

Ben M.

I am a 33 year old combat veteran. Served 4 honorable years in the Marine Corps that took me on 2 deployments to the Al Anbar province, between 2005 and 2009. Unfortunately when I returned to civilian life, I found that the systems in place where as apathetic about my mental health and well being as I was in my proud, early years. When I finally hit a point where I realised I needed help, I found that the veterans administration was seriously lacking in their ability to provide the help that their establishment is called to give. Congressman Morelle's team, notably John Pellito, aided in securing the help that I most desperately needed. Now, more than a year after I started this process, I can start paying for the therapy and groups and health care that I need. As a logistic note, his team has been very quick to respond to every question and had kept me informed the entire time. Going so far as to arrange a therapist to reach out and see I was getting the support I needed.

Samuel M. 

I would like to take the time out to sincerely thank the staff at Joseph Morelle’s Rochester office and in particular John Pellito. He helped me tremendously when i had a problem with the embassy in Nigeria getting a response to my many messages concerning my wife’s visa which has been going on for nearly two years at the consulate. He was diligent in getting to the bottom of the problem and continued to follow up without my asking with updates. I contacted several of my other representatives in my district and Joseph Morrelle’s office was the only to respond by way of Mr. Pellito. As a result I’m sure with his help the embassy finally started responding with his continued assistance getting messages between myself and the embassy my wife was granted her visa approximately 60 days later. 


Sandra M.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. John Pellito for all his hard work and dedication to my fathers case through the Veterans Services. It has been a long road dealing with the VA since 2018 to finalize my fathers benefits. Quite honestly we were given the run around and were asked to send countless paperwork several times. Whenever I called the VA I was told they were working on it. I called every 3 months for over 2 years and still no progress. I was given  John Pellito's number to call and explain our situation. He returned my call promptly and I explained the circumstances. John started working on it quickly and was getting results. within a couple months . All the necessary recent paperwork was submitted along with Mr. Pellito's comments, concerns and suggestions. We finally got somewhere and my fathers claim has been resolved. Mr. Pellito did something in a couple months that I alone could not of accomplished in over 2 years and my father is extremely grateful.


Jahni J.

Toi Smith was one of the best representatives I've ever spoken to. She was extremely nice and kind!


The Underwood Family

With a few weeks left before a huge family vacation to Punta Cana, my husband and I still had not received our passport renewals that were sent in months prior. I reached to and was in contact with John Pellito for his assistance. John was amazing to work with and was always on top of the information needed to help us. With his help, we finally received our passport shipping information about 1 week prior to our trip! He saved the day and we are so grateful for him!  Thank you so much!!! 


Lynn O.

I would like to send a Huge Thank You to John Pellito of Congressman Morelle's Office! John was able to help a group of local dancers obtain their Passports in time, so that they could travel and perform in Italy. The trip was a success for all involved, and would not have happened if not for John's stepping in to help. He handled a stressful situation with great professionalism. Thank You John -- we so Appreciate You!