Common Sense Gun Reform

Every single day, 100 lives are lost due to gun violence. This adds up to over 30,000 lives each year. Thirty thousand children, neighbors, and friends taken because of a failure to enact common-sense legislation.

And sadly, it is not a matter of if but when Americans will turn on the television to see that, yet again, lives have been lost in a senseless tragedy at the hands of a perpetrator with a deadly firearm. 

For years, I helped New York State become a leader on the issue of gun violence, helping to pass some of the strongest gun laws in our country -- and I am continuing that fight in Washington. 

Just earlier this year, I introduced the Gun Theft Prevention Act, which sets security standards for firearms dealers to prevent deadly weapons from flowing on to our streets and into the hands of criminals. And I continue to support legislation that takes real, meaningful steps to end the devastating cycle of gun violence: 

H.R. 2674 The Gun Theft Prevention Act

To require firearms dealers to fulfill minimum security standards, require the ATF to inspect dealers every three years, and provide for more staffing to the ATF. 

H.R. 1186 The Keep Americans Safe Act

To limit ammunition magazines to no more than 10 rounds and prohibit their future production for civilian use. 

H.R. 8 The Bipartisan Background Checks Act

To require background checks on every gun sale or transfer. 

H.R. 3076 The Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act

To allow family members, loved ones, or household companions request that certain individuals deemed unsafe to surrender their firearms and prevent those individuals from obtaining a firearm. Also known as the "Red Flag Law."

H.R. 1112 The Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019

To allow the FBI more time to conduct a thorough background check; closes the "Charleston Loophole"

H.R. 1296 The Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 

To ban the sale, transfer, manufacture, and importation of military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. 

H.R. 939 The SECURE Firearm Storage Act

To address "smash and grab" gun store burglaries by requiring firearms to be securely stored when a dealer is not open for business. 

H.R. 1279 The Safer Neighborhoods Gun Buyback Act of 2019

To incentivize people to sell back firearms through local programs funded by federal grants. 

H.R. 869 The Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act

To prohibit the possession of any firearm that is undetectable by airport-level detection devices. 

H.R. 1454 The Cool Off Act

To require three-day waiting period before a person may receive a gun after making a purchase. 

H.R. 2708 The Disarm Hate Act

To prevent a person convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime from obtaining a firearm. 

H.R. 2837 Ethan's Law

To allow for the injury or death of a minor resulting from unsafe storage of a firearm to be made a crime and punishable with prison time. 

Note: The outlined legislation above was introduced during the 116th Congress.

Enough is enough.

Thoughts and prayers will not solve this crisis  but common-sense legislation can.

More on Common Sense Gun Reform

March 11, 2021 Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) – Today Congressman Joe Morelle voted to enact H.R. 8, The Bipartisan Background Checks act, and H.R. 1446, The Enhanced Background Checks Act – common-sense gun reforms that will strengthen background checks and work to keep dangerous firearms out of the hands of criminals. Rep. Morelle co-sponsors both pieces of legislation.

June 26, 2020 Press Release

(Washington, DC) – Today, Congressman Joe Morelle released a letter (attached) calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to address growing instances of gun store burglaries that have caused dangerous weapons to flow onto the black market and into the hands of criminals.