Improving Access to Higher Education

America has long prided itself as a land of hope and opportunity. A nation where anyone can be anything and a person is only limited by the limitations of their dreams. This opportunity has always been tied to the strength and availability of our academic system and institutions of higher learning. However, in recent years the dream of pursuing a higher education and a better life has drifted out of reach for too many students.

Rising tuition costs and financially debilitating loans prevent too many people from reaching their full potential  and that is unacceptable. We must do more to provide relief for students and help ensure everyone has access to the quality, affordable education they deserve.

I’m proud to have introduced the CAMPUS Act, which will help provide financial assistance and peace of mind to students facing an emergency so they don’t have to drop out of school. A vehicle or trip to the emergency room shouldn’t have to derail a lifetime of hard work.

I am also pleased to co-sponsor the College Affordability Act, a critical reauthorization of the Higher Education Act which tackles the rising cost of college, eases the burden of student debt, and makes higher education more affordable. 

Nothing should stand in the way of a person’s educational success. That’s why I’m fighting every day to make higher education more accessible and affordable:

H.R. 2747 The Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act

To require colleges and universities have policies to protect their students and employees from all forms of harassment.

H.R. 4371 The Strengthen CTE in Higher Education Act

To invest $200 million in postsecondary Career and Technical Education opportunities.

H.R. 4327 The Enhancing Mental Health and Suicide Prevention through Campus Planning Act

To encourage institutions of higher education to develop positive mental health and suicide prevention plans.

H.R. 4216 The Strengthen Financial Aid for Students Act (Strengthening FAFSA)

To fortify the Income Protection Allownce and extend lifetime Pell Grant eligbility for students.

H.R. 3267 The Educational Notification and Disclosure of Actions risking Loss of Life by Hazing Act (END ALL Hazing)

To better enforce and decrease injuries or deaths resulting from hazing on college campuses. 

H.R. 662 The Report and Educate About Campus Hazing (REACH) Act

To amend Higher Education Act to require academic institutions to disclose hazing incidents.

Note: The outlined legislation above was introduced during the 116th Congress.

More on Improving Access to Higher Education

June 10, 2021 Press Release

(Rochester, NY) – Today, Congressman Morelle announced his co-sponsorship of the landmark College for All Act. This transformative legislation would ensure every student across America has access to free or reduced-cost higher education, breaking down barriers that prevent too many students from following their dreams and setting everyday families on the path to success.