November 7, 2019
Press Release
Ahead of Veterans Day, Rep. Morelle recommits to ensuring our veterans have the essential resources and support they deserve. Announces sponsorship of package of legislation to honor, celebrate, and protect America’s courageous veterans

(Rochester, NY) – Today, Congressman Joe Morelle announced his sponsorship of a package of legislation to honor, celebrate, and protect America’s courageous veterans.

“As we approach Veterans Day, it is important for every American to take time to honor and celebrate our courageous servicemembers,” said Rep. Morelle. “I will always stand up to ensure those who have so bravely defended our freedoms have access to the essential support and resources they need and deserve. That’s why I’m proud to co-sponsor a robust package of legislation that will help our veterans thrive as civilians.”

Serving in the Armed Forces is one of the most courageous and selfless decisions American citizens can make. Yet too often, when these men and women return home, they do not receive the care and support they need. Veterans can struggle to access mental health services, receive training for the civilian workforce, find affordable and accessible housing, and more.

Rep. Morelle has taken action to support our nation’s veterans by co-sponsoring the following measures:

HR 2184 Reach Every Veteran in Crisis Act – authored and introduced by Rep. Morelle

Requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve the operation, oversight, and evaluation of its suicide prevention media outreach campaigns

HR 95 Homeless Veteran Families Act

To provide more financial support for homeless veterans with dependents to reduce the burden of housing costs.

HR 2384 Military Housing Oversight and Service Member Protection Act

Would take several steps to address unsafe and unsanitary conditions in privatized, on-base housing for military personnel and their families:

HR 3010 Honoring All Veterans Act

Would revise the mission statement for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to be more inclusive of women veterans and surviving family members. The bill would change the mission statement to read: “To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise to care for those ‘who shall have borne the battle’ and for their families, caregivers, and survivors.”

H. Res 105

Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to provide child care assistance to veterans receiving certain medical services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This resolution was passed by the House of Representatives in February 2019.

H.R. 3636 Caring For Our Women Veterans Act

To ensure women veterans receive quality health care from VA facilities. The bill directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to submit an annual report to Congress on gender-specific care available at VA facilities, which will provide an informed and sustainable roadmap to providing high quality, accessible care for women veterans.

H.R. 1641 - Legion Act

This bill amends the American Legion's congressional charter to allow the 100-year-old veterans service organization to determine its own periods of membership eligibility. It opens the door for approximately 6 million veterans to access American Legion programs and benefits for which they previously had not been eligible. This legislation was passed by the House and Senate and passed into law in July 2019.

H.R. 886 – Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act of 2019

This bill directs the Department of Justice to establish a Veterans Treatment Court Program to provide grants and technical assistance for state, local, and tribal governments to develop and maintain veteran treatment courts. This legislation was passed by the House in October 2019.

“These brave men and women have stood up to protect and defend the freedoms we hold dear—the very least we can do is stand up for them when they return home,” continued Rep. Morelle. “I will continue to support and advance legislation that seeks to uplift America’s veterans and help them succeed.”