January 9, 2019
Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Joe Morelle joined House Democrats in taking action to protect New Yorker’s access to health care by passing a resolution that strengthens Congress’s hand to intervene against the Texas v. U.S. lawsuit, which seeks to strike down the entirety of the Affordable Care Act including protections for over 130 million Americans with a preexisting condition. This resolution affirms the House Counsel’s authorization to intervene as a party in the lawsuit, asserting the House of Representative’s authority to defend laws it has passed and enacted into law.

“Now more than ever the American people are counting on members of Congress to stand up and fight back against those who seek to dismantle our health care system and the fundamental protections that it guarantees,” said Rep. Morelle. “The Texas v. U.S lawsuit would wreak havoc on our nation’s health care system by eliminating protections for over 130 million people with preexisting conditions, increasing health care and prescription drug costs, and could potentially lead to a 50 percent increase in the uninsured rate. With the passage of this resolution we are ensuring that Congress has the ability to take the critical actions needed to defend the health care of hard-working families.”

In December, a federal district court judge in Texas ruled in favor of Republicans, issuing a stayed decision that would strike down the entirety of the Affordable Care Act, including:

  • Protections for over 130 million people with pre-existing conditions;
  • The Medicaid expansion covering 15 million Americans;
  • Health insurance affordability tax credits assisting 9 million Americans;
  • Bans on discriminatory insurance practices that force women to pay more for coverage;
  • Young adults’ ability to remain on their parents’ insurance until age 26.

“The bottom line is that we should be making it easier, not harder for everyday Americans to obtain the health coverage they need and deserve,” continued Rep. Morelle. “That is why I will continue to work tirelessly to safeguard access to affordable care, lower health costs and the price of prescription drugs, protect people with preexisting conditions and strengthen access to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”