July 29, 2020
Press Release

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Morelle voted to pass two expansive child care bills, H.R. 7327, the Child Care Economic Recovery Act, and H.R. 7027, the Child Care is Essential Act.

“Despite all the uncertainty in our future, I know one thing to be true: no matter what happens this Fall, affordable child care is an absolute necessity,” said Congressman Morelle. “Families across our country, including millions of essential workers, need to know that they have safe, reliable care for their children. And parents aren’t the only ones depending on this—without assistance, childcare providers will be forced to close for good, leaving families with nowhere to turn and leading to a significantly slower recovery for the U.S. economy. I’m proud to have taken action to ensure that families and child care providers alike have the resources and support they need to stay afloat during these challenging times.”

Specifically, the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act would:

  • Increase funds for the Child Care Entitlement to States program—for the first time in more than a decade—to $10 billion;
  • Invest $10 billion in infrastructure to improve child care safety.
  • Provide $850 million to states

Under the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act, New York would receive an estimated $51.6 million from $850 million nationwide for the Social Services Block Grant to support essential workers obtaining child and dependent care.

If enacted, New York would also receive an estimated $391 million in additional, mandatory funding from the Child Care Entitlement to States in 2020.

The Child Care is Essential Act would:

  • Provide grant funding to child care providers to stabilize the child care sector and support providers to safely reopen and operate
  • Ensure that the grants adequately support providers’ operating expenses and funding gets to them quickly;
  • Require that providers continue to pay their staff;
  • Provide tuition and copayment relief for working families

Earlier this month, Congressman Morelle led a letter to the Center for Disease Control with Senator Gillibrand calling for immediate implementation of direct guidance and support in order to ensure the safety of children, childcare staff, and families. Read the full letter here.

In May, Congressman Morelle also sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin urging him to enable providers of childcare services and early childhood education to access critical resources and relief through the recently enacted CARES Act. Read the full letter here.