May 28, 2019
Press Release

(Rochester, NY) – Today, Congressman Joe Morelle announced he has joined the American Flood Coalition, a nonpartisan alliance to address the growing threat of flooding. Rep. Morelle is the first member of Congress from a freshwater community and the first representative from New York to join the coalition.

“My district knows all too well the devastation that flood waters can cause, as many of our neighbors are still rebuilding from the severe flooding we experienced in 2017 and this year are bracing for the impact of further flood waters,” said Congressman Joe Morelle. “That’s why I am glad to join the American Flood Coalition and work alongside my partners in Congress to identify and invest in creative solutions that help protect communities along the shoreline. Together, we can plan for the future and improve the ability of our communities to withstand, recover, and adapt to weather-related events.”

Rep. Morelle’s district includes approximately 100 miles of shoreline that fronts directly on Lake Ontario or bays, rivers, and streams that are directly impacted by Lake fluctuations. In 2017, the district was hit hard by severe flood waters that eroded beaches, devastated family homes, and crippled lakeside businesses. Nearly two years later, many community members are still struggling to recover. Now, with lake levels well over a foot above average, the district is preparing for the impact of further flooding.

On May 3, Rep. Morelle called for federal action to better protect communities along the Great Lakes from these rising water levels. In a letter to House leadership, Rep. Morelle called for any infrastructure agreement reached by the president and Congress to include a comprehensive plan to strengthen the resiliency of the Great Lakes coast line and make significant investments to support the recommendations advanced by the Army Corps of Engineers.

By joining the American Flood Coalition, Rep. Morelle will have the opportunity to work with partners to reduce flood risks and invest in the resiliency of shoreline communities in Monroe County and across the country.

“Flooding is an issue that increasingly impacts inland and lakeside communities, not just coastal areas,” said Melissa Roberts, Executive Director of the American Flood Coalition. “Congressman Morelle’s district on the shores of the Great Lakes faces many of the same challenges as our Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coast coalition members. We are excited to bring together the concerns of our members from all regions of the country and to demonstrate that flooding is a national issue in need of federal action.”

The American Flood Coalition is a nonpartisan group of cities, elected officials, military leaders, businesses, and civic groups that have come together to drive adaptation to the reality of higher seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding through national solutions that support flood-affected communities and protect our nation’s residents, economy, and military installations. The Coalition includes 14 members of Congress representing both parties and 8 states.